Monday, February 28, 2011

Truck dirt and the fruit of the gospel

Caleb and his daddy went to pick up a load of mulch in the "big white truck" this morning.  Caleb is very excited to "help" his daddy.  He is such a little sweet heart.  Today he is wearing five layers and resembles the Pillsbury Doughboy.  Hey, it's really cold outside! He is also wearing his daddy's NY beanie.  He has become aware that his gospel phrases ("holy and righteous, me!") provide a favorable response from his mommy and daddy and has taken to saying them quite often. He really likes affirmations (I wonder if words of affirmation will be his love language?). It's interesting that he mimics everything we say (good and bad) and while he doesn't yet understand these gospel realities, I am pleased that our home language revolves around Christ enough for him to mimic. 

Evelynn had her first of many nana, mommy girl dates this weekend.  We went shopping (Build-a-Bear factory and Bath and Body Works in the mall) and out to lunch (Brewbakers).  I am happy to report that she was marvelous.  Very little fussiness and she gooed and smiled at nana all day.  I did  have a difficult time when she pooped out of her diaper at the mall and had no wipees in the bag.  Yikes.  All in all, it was a fabulous day out.

These "babies" of ours are growing so quickly!  Larry and I were wondering this morning what they will be like when they are grown.  I am so blessed that we can help massage the gospel into their hearts now and watch God work in their lives.  Larry often talks of "experiementing" with our kids.  He wants to experiement by speaking as much gospel and Christ reality to them as possible (from birth) so they do not have to fight the selfish, carnal trails that we are prone to as adults.  We can see the gospel doing its work already.  Caleb has very little fear in his heart - he's not afraid of the dark or of pain.  He's still prone to being afraid that we will leave him (we have been praying about this).  Evelynn is a happy, beautifully healthy and thriving little baby.  I attribute this to God's protection. I certainly had nothing to do with it! :) I try to remind myself daily that our kids are sanctified by our belief that we are in Christ.  They are not just any kids; they are separated from this world and its systems for God's purposes.  Satan and darkness have no place in the household of God.  God is so good to allow us to watch  the fruit His gospel manifest itself in our darling children.  What a blessing!   I'll keep you posted about how the experiment is going!  :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pine cones

Today, I cannot help thinking that much of life and most of motherhood is repetitive.  For example, every morning around 4:30am my little Evie Hope wakes up hungry.  She goes back down at 5:00ish, and Caleb is up at 6:00ish.  Caleb and I complete our morning oatmeal-breakfast routine and move on to changing him into his "big boy clothes."  Then we are off to change Evelynn... 

The repetitive nature of parenting reminds me of a teaching of Kathy Brophy's.   She reminded us at women's fellowship that God is faithful and unchanging (Deut. 32:4).  Faithfulness means steady, true, or having a sense that something is staying the same. Sounds good to me.  Follow my logic here...If God is steady and unchanging in His nature and I am focused on living my life in service to Him, wouldn't my steady, repetitive, little life be a blessing?  Yep.  I think so.

Not that my life is uninteresting at all.  Today all four of us went to the Imagine U Kids Museum.  Caleb played with trains, musical instruments, and several science experiements.  He was given pop corn which he continually referred to as "pine cones."  Then during prayers, before bed, Caleb reminded me that "Christ died up there, cross" to make him "holy and righteous."  No joke.  The kid is like a gospel sponge.  What a fantastic reminder of our God who is faithful, steady and unchanging.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Secret's out!

I've decided to blog, not a huge decision in 2011 as nearly all of my mom friends blog daily. However, for me, this is a semi-big decision.  I treasure my "free" time which is typically limited to less than two hours a day if, by some miracle, both of my babies are napping.  So the idea of spending my precious free time in front of the computer is daunting.  I've decided to blog, in earnest, in order to record the wonderfulness that is my life, children, and relationship with God (not in that order).  I want to remember the surpising things my children do and say.  And although I am a generally private person, I relish the idea that I can choose to  allow my friends and family to know who I am while connecting with the outside world.  I've decided also to assume that no one will read this blog in order to give myself the liberty to write authentically.  So, from here I hope to embark on a engaging relationship with the medium of blogging.  I hope you enjoy our family's blog!