Friday, April 20, 2012

Growing together

It has been so long since my last post that the entire look of Blogger has changed!  The weeks have gone by so quickly in our household.  Our in-home business has shut its doors for good.  We are no long "Abundant Living for Seniors" which means that we are looking for a new home.  This has been a challenge in trusting God and my husband. 

Caleb is now three and a half and acting every bit his age!  He is very challenging lately.  His newest development is a cast on his right wrist (it smells strangely like peanut butter - that's a story for another time).  He has taken to using his cast a hammer and seems to enjoy the additional attention he receives from the other mothers at my mom's groups.  We are really praying about how to discipline him as he is a very bright and emotional little boy. 

Evelynn is one and a half and really coming into her own around here.  She copies her brother incessantly and wants exactly what he has.  I think I finally have them on the same nap schedule (12:30 pm) which has been really great. If the girl is rested and fed, she's a dream child.  If not, take cover!  She managed to climb out of her crib yesterday; I found her sitting on top of the changing table squeezing the baby powder all over everything. 

The kids and I have finally found a couple play groups that we really enjoy.  We meet for play dates 3-4 times a week.  Although it sounds like a lot, it is wonderful to have a group that knows us and feels "safe."  Tonight is my first moms'-night-out with the group; I am excited but a little nervous.  Social events without my kids happen so infrequently, I have withdraws and end up rushing home.  Weird, I know.

The new baby, who will remain nameless and genderless until July, is bumping right along.  The demands of having two toddlers while being 7 months pregnant is not to be discounted, but our family is getting stronger everyday.  Larry and I went through scripture a few nights ago and came up with our "family's doctrine" - -  a five-point document that is obnoxiously posted in every room of the house:

- While we were disobedient, Christ died for us. (Rom 5:6,8,10)
- Honor your father and mother.  This brings blessings from God. (Eph. 6:2-3)
- God our Father will never leave us.  We have nothing to fear. (Heb. 13:5-6)
- Be kind to one another in brotherly love, in honor preferring others. (Rom. 12:10)
- Be kind and gentle; forgive others as God forgave you through Christ. (Eph. 4:29, 32)

The idea is that we cannot discipline the kids without first giving them a solid foundation of doctrine from God's word.  So, Caleb is learning words like "honor" and "prefer" right now.  Whew, talk about a challenge.  Really working with his heart instead of his behavior has been the most difficult for me.  If God works in you, please pray for me as I daily (hourly! moment-by-moment!) seek the Father for answers regarding raising Caleb (and Evie) in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

On another note, Larry has joined a volleyball league! Apparently, he is the only white guy, which I find amusing for some reason.  He's enjoying the exercise and having a good time.  Summer is definitely here!  We are all in shorts and the kids are finally playing outside nearly all day long (praise God!). 

Well, Caleb just walked in my bedroom.  He's awake from his nap.  He was all smiles as he told me "Mom, I'm refreshed now!"  This Mom is now back on duty.  :)

I hope your family is also growing the good news of Christ FINISHED work and enjoying all the benefits available to you. We love you! 

- The Newmans