Monday, November 21, 2011


Yesterday we randomly stopped at an open field that sported hundreds of beautiful white birds.  The kids were so excited. Unfortunately, the birds saw them coming.  Caleb didn't even get close before the birds  lifted gracefully into the air.  The rest of our time was there was spent running through the mud and leaves!

See,  lots of leaves...

Picking up leaves and showing them to his adoring sissy.

It was certainly time well spent. 
This little trip reminded me that the best memories are often made without planning.

Evie shared Daddy's popcorn right out of the bowl while her brother finished his afternoon nap. 
We had to do something to keep her quite, right??  She LOVES popcorn.

As you can see, she is quite the little ham.

After a long day of play, the kids are "riding the horsey" on Daddy's leg before bed.

Yeah...she's showing you her new teeth.

Good night, all.

Caleb saying good night to Mommy.

 I've finally figured our how to post pictures to our blog, and as you can see, I am pretty excited about this new found ability.  It's a really wonderful way to remember our days (days seem to meld together for me, one running into the next).  I don't want to forget what my babies are like *right now*.  I figure blogging with pictures is kind of like lazy, digital scrap booking.  I hope you enjoy the pictures, I sure do. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Everyday something happens that makes me think, "Man, I really should blog about this!"  But life has been so busy lately, that I haven't had the gumption to do blog once the dust settles for the evening (i.e. the kids are asleep).  The kiddos are doing wonderfully.  We just had Caleb's third birthday party! We had another potbless-style birthday bash.  While Caleb was the only child his age present, he had a ton of fun with Uncle Jonathan and Wesley (ages 27 and 11 respectively).  Larry and I planned all these games, and I stressed about whether or not Caleb was going to have fun at his non-traditional know what those three boys did for over an hour??  They spun around in circles.  They spun until they fell down, laughing so hard they cried.  That's it, and they had a blast doing it.  Go figure.  The Father really just took care of Caleb, largely without my help.  Our little boy was thrilled with his birthday gifts and the chocolate cake.  It was a really fun evening.

So now,  all this year's birthday parties are over, we have moved on to holiday season which means Christmas light installation for Larry and Mike.  For two weeks or so, the guys work really hard and put in long hours.  They have been leaving before 7 am and aren't back until after dark.  Caleb asks to "go to work with Daddy" every morning before they leave.  He's so cute.  He tells me often that he is wearing his "work pants, like Daddy."  The kids already love the Christmas display at Costco, and I cannot wait to show off some of Daddy's work when we go looking at Christmas lights this year. 
Meanwhile, we are still pursuing our business, Abundant Living for Seniors (ALS), and frequently have folks over to look at our home.  It's really a trust issue for me right now.  It's difficult to have people in and out of my home (especially with the kids underfoot) with little notice, but I know God is at work in the situation.  I am also learning to trust my husband through his process.  As per God's word, I am committed to following Larry even when I do not completely understand or agree with his decisions.  We are waiting on God to either provide the right residents for our home or give us clear directions about our next step.  Know any seniors needing an assisted living arrangement??  Please keep us in your prayers regarding ALS.

Oh!  A quick word about Halloween!  It was a blast.  Nana, Papa and Uncle Jonathan came over and we all took the kids trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.  Evie dressed as a dino and Caleb was a frog!  The kids had a blast being the center of attention.  The costumes were fun and warm (which mom liked).  Everyone was tired by the time we had made it around to three blocks.  A good time was had by all. 

So for now, the kids and I have fallen into a beautifully predictable routine.  We play outside, eat - a lot, bake yummy things, go to the library or museum, have tea parties, read, generally have a great time.  God has so blessed our family!  Right now I am learning and teaching Caleb that God doesn't give us everything we want, but He will always provide everything we need.  He gave us new life in Christ, all spiritual blessings, authority over all things in heaven and on earth, provision, wholeness, and the list goes on.  Daily life with the kids provides such unique opportunities to explain spiritual principals.  I suppose that's how God set it up.  I am excited that Caleb and Evelynn will grow up knowing that the spiritual, invisible realm is more real for them that this physical world.  I cannot help but wonder what they will be like as a result.  I'm humbled to be a part of their everyday lives.