Wednesday, August 31, 2011

God's perspective (What is it?)

This is Larry here...

I was reproved, corrected and enlightened this morning. The word of God, the truth, the gospel is an awesome thing and God surely has enlightened me to things in his word, regarding his truth, about the gospel. There are some things that God has shown me that have revolutionized my life such as...
The way to know our Jehovah God is by understanding his mercifulness to our iniquities and that he never brings to his remembrance our sin. (Hebrews 8:11-12) This reality is the basis, the foundation to our NEW covenant with God. For me this was such a cool connection. It showed me the nature of our Father, as forgiving (and faithful to what he says).
Another truth that God has shown me that once again has recoursed my life in so many ways is the reality that we are justified as a GIFT by his GRACE. It is nothing of ourselves, nothing we did. Our justification (being right in God's sight) is purely and wholly in the reality that Christ’s redemptive payment of shed blood was enough for God to never ever ever hold anything against us. (Romans 3:24-25)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Which seed will you plant?

Ungodly beliefs: the LIE which produces DEATH
  1. I don’t belong. I will always be on the outside (left out).
  2. I will always feel lonely. My spouse will not always be there for me.
  3. I am the problem. When something is wrong, it is my fault.
  4. My value is in what I do. I am valuable because I do good to others, because I am “successful.”
  5. I can avoid conflict that would risk losing others’ approval by being passive.
  6. The perfect life is one in which no conflict is allowed, and so there is peace.
  7. I am unattractive. God has shortchanged me.
  8. I have wasted a lot of time and energy, some of the best years of my life.
  9. Authority figures will just use and abuse me.
  10. My value is based totally on others’ judgment /perception of me.
  11. I will not be known, understood, loved or appreciated for who I am by those close to me.
  12. If I fail to please you, I won’t receive your pleasure and acceptance of me. Therefore, I must strive even more (perfectionism). I must do whatever is necessary to try to please you.
  13. The correct way to respond if someone offends me is to punish them by withdrawing and/or cutting them off.
  14. God is judging me when I relax. I have to stay busy.

Godly beliefs: the TRUTH which produces LIFE and PEACE
  1. I do belong. I am an adopted child of God. I am in his household.
  2. I am not lonely, and I have God’s perfect spouse for me permanently in my life.
  3. I am not the problem. When something is wrong, I am not always at fault.
  4. My value is in who I am in Christ, not what I do.
  5. I will not avoid conflict by being passive. Instead I will confront the issues in a Godly manner. I will no longer fear rejection.
  6. When there are conflicts, I will use the wisdom and knowledge of God to bring about peace.
  7. I am attractive. God says I am beautifully and wonderfully made.
  8. If I fail to please others, I will still receive their pleasure and acceptance because I am in Christ.
  9. Godly authority figures will not use and abuse me.
  10. My value is based totally on God’s perception of me in Christ.
  11. I am known, understood, loved and appreciated for who I am by those close to me.
  12. I can be very open about what I say because nothing can be held against me.
  13. The correct way to respond when I am offended or hurt is to choose to be open and communicate my hurt to the other person. I can do so because God will protect me and love me unconditionally.
  14. Not I, but Christ. Done (instead of do).