Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Off duty

Caleb and Evelynn are asleep.  Larry drew me a bath; I'm headed there now.  It's been a long while since I have written.  Caleb is getting so grown up and has begun to get excited about being a big brother.  He loves to make Evelynn laugh.  She has this delightful, high pitched peal.  Caleb will get started with his two-year old, "ho, ho, ho" just to watch her face crinkle into a big smile.  They egg each other on.  This morning Caleb (who peed out of his diaper last night) got into the bath...where he stayed contentedly playing for 2+ hours.  I propped Evie up in her car seat; she was enthralled with the water and Caleb. It was a nice set up.  I got the laundry folded and put away and they had a blast. Caleb walked around all  day saying "wrinkly!" and pointing to his finger tips. 

The kids and I have planted flowers in the front and back yard.  After the long storm last week, the flowers are really thriving.  Caleb has learned to enjoy worms and rolly-pollies (pill bugs). Today two little sparrows got themselves stuck in the garage.  Caleb and I had a really good conversation about how God takes care of everything - - even the birdies.  He's such a  little conversationalist and nods intelligently as if he understands exactly what I am saying.  We talked  and talked about satan and God's angels and spiritual warfare. Caleb is a hoot!  I seriously wonder what is going on in his head when we discuss such hefty matters!  I held Caleb up, and he opened the garage door to let the birds go free.

Evelynn is finally sleeping through the night!  Gotta love the Ferber, cry-it-out method.  Hard to stick to, but within three days she got the hang of it.  She's just a peach and loves to flirt, especially with her daddy.  Larry will get real close and kiss her lips.  She tilts her head sideways and flutters her long, dark lashes.  It's beautiful to watch.

Larry and I have been reading lots of fun stuff in Colossians and Ephesians; I love the Phillips Modern translation.  Marriage is sure challenging, but I would not chose a different path.  It's wonderful to work through the scriptures in light of our difficulties, together. 

That's about all for now. I'm off duty; time to relax!  :)