Sunday, June 5, 2011

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The Newman Family

48 Hours

For the past 48 hours, my hubby and I have been on a date.  I looooong date.  :)  We attended FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember.  I talked Larry into going by suggesting that we interview for free registration, which is available to serving ministers.  We got in! The conference was entertaining, and even insightful; however, the real fun began after each session ended and we talked about what we heard.  I am blessed among women to have a husband who is so thoughtful and caring.  Even on a tight budget, he took me out for two very nice sit down dinners, two coffee dates and one margarita!  He carried my bible and bag, rubbed my shoulders and held doors open.  He loved and cared for me like Christ loves and cares for the church.  Typically couples get away from home to attend these conferences, but since we have a toddler and a nursing baby, we were on a short leash.  Larry wanted to make sure we got out of our typical routine as much as possible to really enjoy our time together.  He knew I have been overwhelmed with caring for our babies, home and new business. God worked in him to provide a great time of regeneration and fun.

Our favorite session by far was the session called "Marriage After Dark," a biblical look at sex within the context of marriage.  I adore my husband because he is not concerned with how others view him.  He cowers to no sheepish smile from a fellow embarrassed conference attendee!  He made comments, time appropriate gasps and generally embarrassed his wife.  Overall, we had fun as the presenters talked about sex in a very candid way.  The main speaker repeatedly asked the audience, "Why should we be ashamed to discuss what God created for us to enjoy?" A good time was had by all.

Evelynn and Caleb were cared for by family in town and in Porterville.  I'm sure they had a wonderful time, staying up late, eating goodies they don't get at home, and generally being smothered by well-meaning love.  Being without them has been difficult and marvelous at the same time. 

I feel more able to face the upcoming week having been able to sit and think for a while this weekend.  It has been a refreshing time, and I am glad to have attended the conference.  It was interesting to consider the speakers, materials, and people around us from a spiritual stand point.  In the past, I accepted most of what I was told.  Now I run everything through the litmus test of the gospel: 1) Is this good news? 2)  Is this free to me? 3) Is this available/accomplished through Christ's work on the cross?  For example, at the woman-to-woman break out session, the speaker emphatically encouraged us to make our bedrooms a sanctuary for our husbands.  While this is good advice, it is not the gospel.  Rather than blindly accepting this opinion as truth and busting my buns to get it done (potentially wasting time that should be spent elsewhere), I will seek my Father's face and allow Him to work in me regarding my bedroom.

Larry’s napping now.  We are going to pick up our babies in a few minutes.  I am excited to start the week with renewed energy for my job as a wife and mother.  :P