Friday, January 4, 2013

Alone to think...

Our household is finally coming up for fresh air.  We have been under the weather for the past three days.   I've never seen such a display of bodily fluids, much less been responsible for cleaning and disinfecting such smelly monstrosities.  Today we were all so blessed to be feeling better.  Larry went back to work.  The kids and I enjoyed watching "Happy Feet" with plenty of stops, starts and fast forwards. We also used our Christmas sticker books and held a "book party" in the living room.

After a grueling three days and two nights, my beautiful husband came home today with flowers and Pho soup (Vietnamese take-out) for dinner.  He also took all three kids to run errands after dinner.  So, I am sipping my favorite tea and ignoring the kitchen for now.  It feels good just to breathe clean, puke-free air.  Alone.

Thinking over the last few days, I realize how difficult it is to hold onto Truth while battling physical illness.  Although, I did find myself appreciating the Hope a bit more than usual (i.e. "Lord, come back tonight, please!).  My perspective was blurred by what was going on in my household; it was difficult to focus on spiritual things when the physical demanded so much of my time, energy and strength.  I really empathize for those who have suffered with long-term illness, like Larry's first wife, Sandra.  How hopeless life seems when we are just too tired to force our minds' to think Truth.  However, satan did not prevail in the Newman household.

As a matter of fact, although I am tired and shaky, I am more convinced than ever that God is faithful to His word.  God will not leave His children - - even if that child is holding a traumatized two-year old covered in vomit (for the third time).  God did provide our complete wholeness through Christ's sacrifice.  Our sins are forgiven; therefore, we are not subjected to sickness or disease.  Satan attempted to shift our focus away from Christ's accomplished work, and his efforts backfired.  Tonight is proof.

Less than three days after this awful stomach bug hit, our family is healthy, happy and whole.  Three days (most children enduring such a extreme flu bug suffer much longer)!  Praise God!  We all suffered with this thing except the baby.  God's grace is so big:  Sophia literally slept through almost the whole thing.  She must have been going through a God-ordained growth spurt because she slept nearly all waking hours while the toddlers and I were sick.  Larry and I did miss our scheduled anniversary date, but on the day of our anniversary he came home early and took care of the kids while I collapsed into bed. Never has a man given his wife such a perfect anniversary gift. I am excited to reschedule our date night; I cannot wait to give him his gift!  I am so blessed to have a husband who loves me which such fierce patience and compassion.

So onward we go, like strong soldiers, fighting the good fight of faith.  The kids and I are headed to a birthday party tomorrow, and Larry is happily off to work again.  I will continue to boast in the Lord's provision - even in the midst of all the pressure, vomit and sleepless nights. He is a good and faithful Father, bringing His promises to pass in our lives.  We will continue to boast in Him and the power of His might. 

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  1. You said it... fighting the good fight of faith... no matter what the circumstances indicate... we live by the glad tidings of Christ's accomplished work, not by sight. General Patton said something to the effect of the more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle. No kidding.