Saturday, January 21, 2012


Caleb, Larry and Mr. H. (our elderly resident) are out for a walk to the mail box (Evie is napping), so I have a few minutes to write.  Mr. H. has been here for nearly two weeks.  It has been a very difficult transition for all of us.  Today, maybe it's the rain and gray weather, but I just feel like being home with my family.  This is not really possible because of our new living situation.  I am just waiting to see how God is going to provide for us in this situation.  He knows our family's needs (a full night's uninterrupted sleep, privacy, income, room for the kids, etc.), and I am becoming more and more confident in His promise to see and provide.  I just wonder when it's going to happen...and how.  I've been exploring housing options for quite some time now and have not found the right home for us yet (to rent or buy).  I keep praying that God's provision will manifest its self at the perfect time.  My favorite time to pray is while putting Evie down for nap or bed time.  I've finally weaned her (SAD day for mommy), and our routine is to read, sing and pray before bed.  She is a warm, heavy cuddle bug - - perfect atmosphere for a daily heart to heart with my Father. Well, the boys are back from their short walk (Mr. H. was cold), so I had better get back to my post.  If the Father works in your heart to pray for our family, please do so.  Love from the Newmans!

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